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Mrs. W  and Mr. G. had their students draw some idioms which have been added to the website and two stories have been written that uses these idioms as they might have been used in their classroom.  The two stories are linked to each other.  Other teachers are invited to do the same!

This site has over 1000 pictures of  Idioms.  They do not illustrate what an idiom means, but show the literal meaning.  Some of these idioms are defined and can be found here. These pictures were drawn by children who did not know what the idioms meant and drew pictures of the actual real meaning.  When you draw the literal meaning the results are often funny.  A good example is dead meat.  Meat by definition is dead, but dead meat means that you are really angry with someone and is usually used as an exaggeration.  For example Johnny may tell his friend Eddy that "You're dead meat if you ride my new bike." What he really is saying is don't touch my bike!

If you are searching for just the illustrated idioms that might have a certain word in it, for example all the idioms that use the word red, click here and then use your search function on your browser. 

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If you want to look at a list of idioms based upon the part of the alphabet you think the idiom starts with use the index below.  Not all of these idioms are illustrated.  Each of these sections contains the illustrated as well as the unillustrated ones.

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If you want a huge list of idioms.  This is a wonderful collection of idioms generally kid safe but it is a large file in word format. None of these are illustrated!  click here.   


If you want to read stories with the idioms explained, used in sentences and illustrated click here.


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Add your drawings to the website! Heath added this one:  (a wolf in sheep's clothing)

Mr Nakanishi's class added these ones.   We hope to add your drawings as well. 

Guess the Idiom Click to see a short slide show and see if you can guess what the idiom is! (Use the Back Arrow when finished)

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Permission to use these pictures for non-commercial purposes has been granted by the "kids" who drew these pictures.  If you wish to use them commercially, you should contact us to seek explicit permissions from the children who drew them. Contact  us!


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If you wish to find out what an idiom actually means and how to use it in a sentence you should check out  Wayne Magnuson's list of idioms.     Or read the stories on our site. 

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