Upload Guidelines

Do not upload images from other websites, only original works will be accepted.  Photographs of any sort will not be accepted unless they are photographs of the drawn idiom (see below).

To upload an original drawing, you can use the button or you can go to the idiom page using the letter menu. Do not put your name or any personal information on the picture. Avoid pictures of violence and gross pictures. Only quality hand drawn original pictures are accepted. Please do not upload pictures from Paint programs unless they are originals and of high quality. While images from Paint programs may be published, they will eventually be deleted as the website is for "kid's" quality artwork. Paint programs usually generate rudimentary drawings.

Pencil crayons or felts make the best drawings, aim for clear and colorful. Stick drawings, crayons etc. generally will not be acceptable to be published on this website. The picture should be of the literal meaning of the words in the idiom, not the actual meaning. For examples, look at the other pictures that have been uploaded. Try to avoid printing anything on the drawing, but if it is necessary to put writing on the drawing (like in word balloons), use black clear printed letters. Make certain that the drawing is only of the main idea of the idiom and occupies most of the paper. DO NOT HAVE THE NAME OF THE IDIOM ON THE PICTURE!  If you have a few exceptional children in your class, get them to do the scanning or photographing and upload them. This is an excellent enrichment activity for the bright lights.

Scanning is the very best method for generating a computer file for uploading. Using a camera to capture the pictures, is not usually very satisfactory unless you are careful with lighting etc. Try to have the pictures correctly oriented.

If you are a teacher, and it is easier for you, you can attach the pictures in an e-mail or provide a link to Hotbox or Google Drive etc. (see Contact)

Temporary exceptions on picture quality can be made for educational reasons, if you contact the website in advance and explain why they should be published.

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