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A giant story about Sports idioms in a sports story.  This story uses 200 idioms. 

Animal idioms in a back to school story. 

Mrs. W in Illinois sent a number of idioms drawn by her class.  They have been included in the web and there is a story about how they might use them in the classroomMr. G also sent some idioms.  These two stories connect to each other and show how idioms can enliven any classroom.  Ms. Martin in Georgia submitted a some idioms that turned into a year end story.  

 A story from Iowa about an unruly classroom and the difficulty finding a teacher.  This story was written by a student!!!!!!

From North Dakota comes a story about a Pig, well not really a pig, a bike, well not really a bike, well really  about being confused.

From Korea comes the story from Hwado Middle School learning about idioms.

A story that uses mostly colour idioms.  Each paragraph focusses on one colour.

This is a story that uses love and heart and kisses and is a great lead in to Valentine's Day. 

This is a story about St. Patrick's Day.  It doesn't tell the real story but tells an alternate version that is full of idioms about luck!

A story about Santa Claus.  This is a choose your own adventure story and can go in different directions, depending upon your choice. 

Read a story written from Colorado

Read two stories written by students in Australia.

Read a short story from New Jersey

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