Unused Idioms

a brick
a hassle
a shogun
a talking to
a titch
a touch of
a wash
a way with words
about time
above and beyond the call of duty
Achilles heel
act out
act up
actions speak louder than words
ad lib (ad libitum)
against all odds
against the grain
age before beauty
all decked out
all hat and no cattle
all in
all in all
all it's cracked up to be
all over but the shouting
all shook up
all teed up
all the bells and whistles
all the livelong day
all the marbles
all the tea in China
all the way to Egery and back
all the world's a stage
all things being equal
all things to all people
all thumbs
all walks of life
all washed up
all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
all's well that ends well
along those lines
an easy mark
an eye for an eye (a tooth for a tooth)
an old hand at
an old warhorse
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
anchor you
and how
and stuff
and that's that
and then some
angels fear to tread
ante up
any old thing
any way you slice it
anything goes
apple of his eye
around the bend
as a matter of fact
as clean as a whistle
as far as I know
as if
as luck would have it
as new
as sick as a parrot
as slow as a dead snail
as slow as molasses in January
as the crow flies
as useless as a fifth wheel
ask for it
asking price
asleep at the switch
at a glance
at a moment's notice
at fault
at first glance
at loggerheads
at loose ends
at my wits' end
at the end of my rope/ at the end of my tether
at the hands of
at the ripe old age
at the top of her game
at the top of his voice
at the wheel
at this point in time
at will
at your beck and call
at your fingertips
away out of line
away to the races
axe to grind
babe in arms
back down
back off
back to the grind
back you
back yourself into a corner
backpack (business)
bad breath
bad news
bag and baggage
bag lady
bail me out
bail out
ball-park figure
bang on
Bank on
baptism by fire
bare your soul
bare-faced lie
bat a thousand
bat an eye
bawling out
be off
be there
be there for me
be there or be square
be yourself
be-all, end-all
beat a dead horse
beat a hasty retreat
beat around the bush
beat it
beat the pants off
beat the rap
beat your head against a stone wall
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
beauty is only skin deep
beck and call
becomes you
bed down
beehive of activity
been had
beg to differ
beg your pardon?
beggars can't be choosers
believe my ears
below the poverty line
belt you
bend your ear
benefit of the doubt
beside myself
beside the point
best foot forward
best interests at heart
best laid plans
best of both worlds
bet on
bet on a lame rooster
better half
better late than never
better off
better the devil you know...
better to have loved...
between a rock and a hard place
between sixes and sevens
bevy of beauties
beyond repair
beyond the call of duty
beyond the pale
bigger than life
bigger they are the harder they fall
bit dense
bits and pieces
bitten by the same bug
bitter end
blood is thicker than water
blood is up
blow it out of proportion
blow it out your ear
blow it up (photo)
blow me down
blow me over
blow my cover
blow sky high
blow this joint
blow your lid/stack/top
blow your mind
blurt out
boarding (hockey)
Bob's your uncle
body language
boggle your mind
boiling mad
bone of contention
booked/booked up
boot up
bosom buddy
botch it
bottle drive
bottle man
bottle up
bottom fell out
bottom line
bottom out
bottom rung
bottoms up
bounce back
bow out
bowl me over
boy, oh boy
boys will be boys
brain drain
brain traffic
branch office
branch out
brand new/ brand spanking new
break a spell
break and enter
break away
break in
break into
break into song
break off
break out
break out in a rash
break the bank
break the ice
break the law/rules
break the record
break the silence
break your heart
breath of fresh air
breathe down my neck
breathe easy
bridge the gap
bring home the bacon
bring it off
brown nose
browned off
brownie points
brush cut
brush it off
brush up on
buck fever
buck up
buckle down
buckle under
buckle up
buckstop (military)
budding genius
bum rap
bump and grind (hockey)
bumper to bumper
bum's rush
burn out
burn the midnight oil
bury the hatchet
bush telegraph
business as usual
bust out
busy as a beaver
but good
butt out
butter wouldn't melt in his mouth
button your lip
buttonhole you
buy into
buy out
buy that
buy the farm
by a country mile
by a long shot
by all means
by and large
by any means
by any stretch...
by cracky
by dint of
by golly
by gosh
by guess or by gosh
by hook or by crook
by jove
by leaps and bounds
by no means
by the by
by the same token
by the seat of your pants
by the skin of their teeth
by the way
by word of mouth
bye for now
call a spade a spade
call attention to
call it a day
call it quits
call it square
call on
call tabs
call the shots
call up
calm before the storm
calm down
can't help
can't hold a candle
can't put my hands on it
can't see for looking
can't see the forest for the trees
car buff
carry the day
carry weight
carry your weight
cart before the horse
cascade (business)
case in point
cash and carry
cash in
cash on the barrelhead
cash on the line
cash up/cash out
cast a spell
cast your vote
catch a glimpse
catch as catch can
catch me by surprise
catch me doing that
catch some rays
catch up with
catch you at a bad time
caught flatfooted
caught looking
chain reaction
chairman of the boards (hockey)
chalk it up to
chalk one up for you
chances are
change for the better
change hands
change horses in mid stream
change your tune
character assassination
character density
charge it
charity begins at home
cheap skate
check it out
check out
check over
check that
check this out
checkered career
cheesed off
cherrypicker (hockey)
chew him out
chew the fat/ chew the rag
chief cook and bottle washer
chill out
chime in
chin wag
chip in
chock full
chomping at the bit
choose (up) sides
chow down
Christmas graduate
claim to fame
claws are showing
clean bill of health
clean cut
clean me out
clean up
clean up on
clean up your act
clean up your plate
clear as a bell
clear as mud
clear out
clear up
clear your head/mind
click in
climb the walls
close a deal/sale
clutch hitter
cock and bull
come across
come again
come alive
come around
come back to haunt you
come by
come clean
come down hard
come down on like a ton of bricks
come down to earth
come down with
come full circle
come home to roost
come into
come into play
come into your own
come naturally
come of
come of age
come off
come off it
come on
come on strong
come onside
come out in the wash
come out with
come through
come to grips with
come to terms
come to the point
come to think of it
come undone
come unglued
come up
come up with
come uppins
coming out of our ears
coming out of your yin yang
coming up roses
common sense
common thread
compare notes
conk out
contract out on
cool off
cooler heads prevailed
cop out
corner the market
corner you
cost a pretty penny
cotton to that
couldn't believe my ears
count on
course you can
courtesy of
cover for me
crack a book
crack shot/salesman etc.
crack the line-up
crack this case
crack under the strain
cramp your style
crank issue
crank it up
crank out
crash a party
crash course
crawling with
crazy about
crazy like a fox
cream of the crop
cream you
cross over to the other side
cross paths
cross someone
cross that bridge when I come to it
cry the blues
curl your hair
cut a wide swath
cut above
cut and dried
cut corners
cut from the same cloth
cut me some slack
cut me to the quick
cut my teeth on
cut off
cut off your nose to spite your face
cut out for
cut to the chase
cut you down to size
cut you to ribbons
cut your own throat
cute as a bug's ear
cutting edge
dampen your spirits
darken a church door
darn it
darn tooting
dash off a note/letter
dates you
dawn on me
day in, day out
day of the family farm
day one
dead as a doornail
dead certain
dead even
dead last
dead loss
dead set against
dead tired
dead to the world
dead wrong
dead-cat bounce
dead-eye Dick
deal me in
death row
death warmed over
death wish
deck out
deep pockets
did good
did yourself proud
die down
die for
die hard
die off
died in the wool
dig a little deeper
dig deep
dig in
dig in their heels
dig it up
dig me
dig your own grave
dig yourself in
dig/dig it
dirt cheap
dirt file
dirty laundry
dirty work
discretion is the better part of valor
dish it out
disk jockey (DJ)
do a favor
do a gig
do a number on
do away with
do lunch
do me in
do or die
do the honors
do the town
do the trick
do time
do unto others as you would have them do unto you
do up
do with
do without
do you follow
do you mind
do your own thing
do your part
do your utmost
do yourself proud
doctor it/doctor it up
dodge a bullet
doesn't add up
doesn't mince words
doesn't wash
dog days of summer
dog it
dog me
dog tired
done for
done good
done in
done it all
done to a turn
done with it
don't borrow trouble
don't count your chickens before they hatch
don't eat that
don't get mad; get even
don't get me wrong
don't get smart with me
don't give me any of your lip
don't give me that line/story etc.
don't hand me that
don't hold your breath
don't knock it
don't know him from Adam
don't know the first thing about it
don't know the half of it
don't know whether you're coming or going
don't know which end is up
don't make me laugh
don't make waves
don't mention it
don't sweat it
don't think so
don't want to go there
door to door
double or nothing
double take
double whammy
down and dirty
down and out
down for the count
down home
down in the dumps
down in the mouth
down my throat
down the drain
down the garden path
down the hatch
down the line
down the road
down the tubes
down to a T
down to brass tacks
down to the wire
down under
down with
draft dodger
drag it out
drag on
drag race
drag your feet
dragged through a...
drain the swamp
draw a blank
draw a sober breath
draw attention to
draw first blood
draw it to my attention
draw the line
draw their fire
draw upon
drawing card
dream on
dress clothes
dress down
dress rehearsal
dressed to the nines
dressing down
dribs and drabs
drive a hard bargain
drive around
drive it home
drive me batty
drive me crazy
drive me to the edge
drive me up the wall
drive standard
drive you
drive you nuts
drive you to distraction
drop him like a hot potato
drop out of sight
drop over
drop your gloves
dry run
ducks in order
due north
duke it out
dump on
dumpster diving
duty calls
dying seconds
dying to know
each to his own
eager beaver
eagle eyes
ear candy
ear to the ground
easy come, easy go
easy pickings
eat crow
eat high off the hog
eat humble pie
eat like a horse
eat my hat/shirt
eat that
eat up
eat your fill
egg me on
eighty-six it
eke out a living
elbow room
electronic superhighway
end justifies the means
even a blind pig can find an acorn
even keel
even so
even steven
every walk of life
everything but the kitchen sink
everything from soup to nuts
everything old is new again
exit stage left
expand your horizons
eyes glaze over
eyes peeled
face facts
face the music
face up
faint of heart
fair game
fair shake
fake it
fall apart (at the seams)
fall asleep
fall behind
fall for
fall for that
fall head over heels
fall ill
fall in line
fall in love
fall into a trap
fall into my lap
fall on deaf ears
fall on your sword
fall through the cracks
fall to pieces
familiarity breeds contempt
fancy footwork
far cry
far out
faraway look
fast friends
fast lane
fast track
fat cat
faze me
faze me out
feast your eyes on
feather a pass
fed up
feel a draft
feel the pinch
feeling bum
feeling good
feeling his oats
fence sitter
fend for yourself
fender bender
fever breaks
few and far between
Fibber McGee's closet
fifth business
fight fire with fire
fight tooth and nail
fighting chance
figure out
file 13
fill her up
fill his shoes
fill in
fill in for me
fill me in
fill out
fill the bill
fill the gap
fill your face
filthy rich
find a way around
find fault
find my tongue
find your way
find yourself
finishing touch
fired up
firm hand
first and foremost
first class
first come, first served
first down/first and ten
first off
first up
fish and company stink after three days
fish for a compliment
fit to be tied
fits and starts
fix you
fix your wagon
fixing to
flag a cab
flap your gums
flash a smile
flat broke
flat out
flattery will get you nowhere
fleeting glance
flew the coop
flip you for it
flip your lid
floor it
floor you
fly by the seat of your pants
fly in the face of
fly in the ointment
fly low
fly off the handle
follow the rules
follow through
food for thought
fool and his money are soon parted
fool around
fool you
foot the bill
footloose and fancy free
for a song
for laughs
for long
for love nor money
for openers
for Pete's sake
for sure
for the life of me
force of habit
foregone conclusion
frame of mind
freak/freak out
free hand
freeze on
freeze wages
freshen up
friends with
frightened to death
from day one
from hand to mouth
from hunger
from pillar to post
from rags to riches
from scratch
from soup to nuts
from the frying pan into the fire
from the get-go
from the horse's mouth
from the word go
from time to time
front man
front me
front runner
full blown
full house (cards)
full of herself
full out
full plate
full steam ahead
full strength
full throttle
full tilt
full up
fun and games
funny in the head
funny money
funny stuff
fuss over
future looks bright
gaggle of geese
game for anything
game one
garage kept
gathering dust
gear up
get a grip
get a handle on
get a hold of
get a kick out of
get a laugh
get a load of that
get a move on
get a rise
get ahead
get along
get around
get around it
get around to
get at
get at it
get away with
get bageled
get going
get him back
get in my face
get in on it
get in on the ground floor
get in your hair
get into trouble
get it over with
get it straight
get it together
get my drift
get my kicks
get off
get off my back
get off my case
get off the ground
get off to a good start
get on it
get on my nerves
get on with it
get on your horse
get out of my face
get out of the road
get out of town
get out of your hair
get rid of
get rolling
get the drop on
get the green light
get the hang of
get the jitters
get the jump on
get the lead out
get the picture
get the point
get the word out
get the wrinkles out
get this monkey off my back
get this show on the road
get this straight
get to it
get to me
get to the bottom of
get to the point
get to the root of the problem
get together
get under my skin
get up a head of steam
get up on the wrong side of bed
get wind of
get with it
get you back
get you down
get your act together
get your attention
get your back up
get your buns over here
get your dander up
get your head out of the clouds
get your head together
get your hopes up
get your jollies
get your kicks
get your mind around
get your wires crossed
get yours
getting on in years
ghetto blaster
ghost of a chance
gift of the gab
gild the lily
give 110%
give a hoot
give a little
give an arm and a leg
give an inch
give and take
give her
give it a rest
give it a whirl
give it all you've got
give it the once-over
give it to him
give it to me straight
give me a break
give me a call
give me a dingle
give me the third degree
give my eye teeth
give my right arm
give no quarter
give notice
give off an odor
give out
give them a hand
give them what for
give up the ghost
give you a boost
give you a hard time
give you a line
give you a ribbing
give you a rough time
give you an out
give you flack
give you the benefit...
give you the boot
give you the gears
give you the runaround
give you what for
glassy eyed
glom onto
gloss over
gloves are off
glow on
glowing terms
glued to the set
gnashing of teeth
go all-out
go along with
go ape
go around with
go back on
go bad
go ballistic
go bonkers
go bust
go by the boards
go down for the third time
go downhill
go easy on
go figure
go for
go for a spin
go for the jugular
go great guns
go hog wild
go hungry
go in circles
go into detail
go like stink
go mad
go nowhere fast
go nuts
go on
go on about
go one better
go out of your way
go out with
go over
go public
go soft
go steady
go straight
go strong
go the distance
go the extra mile
go the way of the dodo
go through
go to any trouble
go to bat for
go to great lengths/ go to any lengths
go to pieces
go to pot
go to town
go to trouble
go to your head
go too far
go under
go wild
go with the flow
go without
go wrong
god awful
God rest his soul
going concern
going down
going gets rough
going great guns
going rate
going strong
going to town
gol dang/gol darn
golden age
golden opportunity
golden years
golly gee
gone to pot
gone to the dogs
good afternoon
good and dead/mad/sick
good for you
good going
good golly
good gravy
good grief
good hands
good on you
good riddance
good show
good sport
good wood on it
goodness gracious
goof off
goof up
goose egg
goose it
gosh darn (gol darn)
gospel truth
got a corner on
got a light
got it in for
got it made
got my eye on
got my hands full
got no business
got the blues
got you cornered
got your number
gotcha (got you)
grab a bite to eat
grab a chair
grain belt
gravy train
grease my palm
greasy kid's stuff
greasy spoon
great guns
great shakes
Great White Hope
Great White North
Greek to me
grill you
grinding halt
groaty to the max
ground me
grow on you
grow up
guard is down
gun down
gun it
gung ho
gussied up
had a bellyful
had better
had it
hail a cab
hale fellow, well met
half the battle
ham hands
ham it up
hammer and tongs
hand down
hand in
hand in hand
hand me down
hole in one
hand out
hands on
hands up
hang around
hang in there
hang on like grim death
hang out
hang you out to dry
hang your hat
happy as a box of birds
happy motoring
hard as nails
hard copy
hard day
hard done by
hard feelings
hard of hearing
hard on me
hard pressed
hard put
hard row to hoe
hard time
hard times
hard to believe
hard to get
has a mind of his own
has the makings
hash it over
hassle me
hatchet man
hats off
haul up on the carpet
have a chair
have a clue
have a conniption
have a fit
have a flat
have a fling
have a go
have a good time
have a laugh
have a looksee
have a mind to
have a puff
have a say
have a seat
have a shot at
have a sip
have a soft spot for
have a word with you
have an attack
have an inkling
have designs on
have fun
have half a mind to
have it both ways
have it coming
have the final say
have the floor
have things in hand
have to
have to go
have to go some
have to hand it to you
have what it takes
have you over
have your cake and eat it, too
haven't got a hope
haven't got the stomach for it
haven't seen hide nor hair
havoc strikes
hazard a guess
he who hesitates is lost
head and shoulders
head honcho
head in the clouds
head in the sand
head is spinning
head on
head out
head over heels
head start
head up
hear me out
heaven forbid
heaven help us
heavy foot
heavy going
heavy metal types
hedge your bets
help out
help yourself
here's mud in your eye
high hopes
high on the hog
high roller
high strung
high time
highball it
hightail it
hire on
his nibs
his own man
His Royal Highness
hit and miss
hit and run
hit me with your best shot
hit my funny bone
hit speeds of
hit the bar
hit the bricks
hit the ceiling
hit the ground running
hit the nail on the head
hit the road/trail
hit the skids
Hobson's choice
hold a meeting
hold down
hold forth
hold that over my head
hold the fort
hold you up
hold your hand
hold your nose
hold your own
hold your tongue
hole in one
hole up
hollow leg
holy cow
holy Moses
holy Toledo
home free
honesty is the best policy
hook, line and sinker
hopping mad
horn in
horse around
horse feathers
hot tempered
hot under the collar
household name
how about that
how are you doing
how are you fixed for
how are you getting along
how are you making out
how come
how do you do
how do you like them apples
how does that grab you
how goes it
how goes the battle
how it plays out
how so
how time flies
howling blizzard
how's that again
how's tricks
hump day
hungry thirties
hush up
hushed up
if a mussel doesn't open don't eat it
if looks could kill
if my memory serves me correctly
if only
if that doesn't beat all
ignorance is bliss
I'll be a monkey's uncle
I'm afraid so
in a fix
in a funk
in a pickle
in a pinch
in a slump
in a snit
in any way, shape or form
in bad faith
in bad shape
in black and white
in fact
in full flight
in glowing terms
in good faith
in good hands
in his good books
in hock
in keeping with
in my good books
in over your head
in person
in seventh heaven
in sick bay
in stride
in that vein
in the back of my mind
in the black
in the boonies
in the clink
in the dark
in the doghouse
in the drink
in the driver's seat
in the flesh
in the jug
in the know
in the least
in the long haul/run
in the lurch
in the making
in the offing
in the picture
in the poorhouse
in the running
in the slammer
in the tank
in the throes
in the wink of an eye
in the works
in the worst way
in these parts
in tough
in trouble
in your face
in your mind's eye
in your prime
in's and out's
inside joke
inside out
inside story
inside track
into fitness/dancing etc.
into hock
into the tank
into thin air
invite you over
iron out
irons in the fire
is that so
is you is, or is you ain't my baby
it ain't over till it's over
it ain't over till the fat lady sings
it appears to me
it don't make no nevermind
it figures
it goes with the territory
it goes without saying
it has your name on it
it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
it makes no difference
it never fails
it never rains but it pours
it occurs to me
it phased me out
it seems to me
it strikes me
it takes one to know one
it takes two to tango
it was a lark
it works
itchy feet
it's a crock
it's a dilly
it's a go
it's a jungle out there
it's a toss-up
it's all over but the shouting
it's been a slice
it's beyond me
it's cold / it's hot
it's not what you know, it's who you know
it's now or never
it's over/ it's over with
it's raining/snowing
it's the duck's guts
it's up to you
it's your move
it's your turn
itsy-bitsy / itty-bitty
jack of all trades
jam tart
jimminy crickets
Joe Who
jog your memory
John Hancock
John Henry
Johnny Canuck
Johnny on the spot
join you
joke around
jolly good fellow
jump in with both feet
jump out of your skin
jump queue
jump ship
jump start
just a smidgeon
just a titch
just about
just as soon
just ducky
just in time
just like that
just passing through
keep a lid on it
keep a low profile
keep a promise
keep an eye on
keep an open mind
keep fit
keep in good shape
keep in line
keep in the loop
keep in touch
keep it down
keep it quiet
keep it to yourself
keep on trucking
keep quiet
keep tabs on
keep the wolf from the door
keep them straight
keep to yourself
keep up the good work
keep up with the Joneses
keep up with the times
keep you going
keep you honest
keep you in mind
keep you on track
keep you posted
keep your cool
keep your eyes peeled
keep your nose to the grindstone
kill time
killer instinct
kiss of death
kit and caboodle
kitty bar the door
knee high to a grasshopper
knock around with
knock me over with a feather
knock off
knock them down, drag them out
knock you down a peg
knock you out
knock your socks off
knocked out
know better
know inside out
know like the back of your hand
know the first thing...
know the ropes
know the score
know where we stand
know which end is up
know which side your bread is buttered on
know your stuff
know your way around
knuckle down
laid back
laid bare
laid off
lap of luxury
last but not least
last call
last hurrah
last legs
last me
last resort
last straw
last word
late bloomer
laugh it off
laugh up your sleeve
laugh your head off
laugh yourself sick
laugh yourself silly
laughing stock
laundered money
lay a trip
lay down your arms
lay down your life for
lay eyes on
lay it on
lay it on the line
lay low
lay of the land
lay off
lay on
lay over
lay rubber
lay the blame
lay the lumber
lay waste
lead you down the garden path
lead you on
leaf out
lean times
learn the lingo
learn the ropes
learn your place
leave out
leave out in the cold
leave the door open
leave well enough alone
leave you in the lurch
leave yourself open
led to believe
left holding the bag
left in the lurch
left out in the cold
left over
left, right and center
lesser lights
lesser of two evils
let down
let it all hang out
let it be
let it go to your head
let me have it
let off
let off steam
let on
let sleeping dogs lie
let the chips fall where they may
let you have it
let yourself go
level the playing field
level with you
lick and a promise
lick your wounds
life is just a bowl of cherries
life is not all guns and roses
life of Riley
life of the party
life on the edge
life you lead
lift a finger
lift my spirits
light at the end of the tunnel
lighten up
lightning fast
lights are on but nobody's home
like a broken record
like a dirty shirt
like a hot potato
like crazy/like mad
like dog's breath
like father, like son
like it or lump it
like nobody's business
like the wind
line of authority
lion's share
lips are sealed
listen up
little by little
little white lie
live and let live
live by
live it up
live off
live on
live on the edge
live up to
liven up
living daylights
lo and behold
loaded to the hilt
local yokel
log off
log on
long and the short of it
long in the tooth
long johns
look daggers
look down on
look like death warmed over
look like he was dragged through a knothole
look out
look out for
look out for number one
look over
look over your shoulder
look sharp
look the other way
loose ends
lose a family member
lose count
lose ground
lose him
lose my train of thought
lose patience
lose sight of
lose track
lose your cool
lose your head
lose your marbles
lose your mind
lose your shirt
lose your temper
lose your tongue
lose your touch
losing it
losing streak
loss leader
lost cause
lot of bunk
lot of falderal
Lotus Land
love at first sight
Lovers' Leap
low on the totem pole
low-ball him
mad as a hatter
made for each other
make a beeline
make a big deal of it
make a big to-do
make a bundle
make a clean sweep
make a comeback
make a difference
make a false move
make a fuss
make a go of it
make a good impression
make a killing
make a life for yourself
make a living
make a mistake
make a pass
make a pitch
make a point of
make amends
make an entrance
make an offer
make faces
make good time
make hay while the sun shines
make headway
make it
make it better
make it worse
make light of
make me do it
make me sick/mad etc.
make mention
make mincemeat of
make money
make my day
make of it
make off with
make room
make sense
make sense of it
make something of it
make something of yourself
make strange
make sure
make the bed
make the grade
make the most of it
make the team
make tracks
make trouble
make way
makes no difference
makings of
man of few words
man of the cloth
mark a watershed
mark my words
marked man
matter of life and death
mean business
mean streak
meet you half way
meeting of minds
melt in your mouth
mess with
messed up
mete out
middle ground
milk it
mind boggling
mind games
mind go blank
mind in neutral
mind of his own
mind over matter
mind the store
mind your manners
mind your own business
mind your P's and Q's
misery loves company
miss out on
miss the boat
miss the point
miss the water till the well runs dry
miss you
miss your chance
moment of truth
monkey's uncle
mop the floor with us
mop up
more money than brains
more power to you
more than meets the eye
more than welcome
more than you can shake a stick at
mortal coil
Mother Nature
motherhood and apple pie
mount a comeback
mouth off
move it
move over
move you to tears
movers and shakers
much obliged
mull over
mum's the word
nail down
nail him
nail in your coffin
name is mud
nary a word
natural high
nature calls
necessity is the mother of invention
neck of the woods
necktie party
need money to make...
neither fish nor fowl
nervous breakdown
never mind
never say die
new lease on life
new legs
new money
new wave
next of kin
nine lives
no business
no can do
no chancy
no great shakes
no kidding
no let-up
no matter how you slice it
no news is good news
no nonsense
no offense, but...
no pain, no gain
no problem (no prob)
no qualms
no question
no questions asked
no rush
no shrinking violet
no skin off my nose
no slouch
no use for
no way
no word
nobody's fool
none of your lip
none the worse for wear
nose is out of joint
not all it's cracked up...
not all there
not at all
not by a long shot
not by any stretch of the imagination
not feeling myself
not for all the tea in China
not half bad
not likely
not long for this world
not on your life
not on your tintype
not playing with a full deck
not so hot
not speaking
not to worry
not too shabby
not with it
not worth a plugged nickel
notch below
nothing succeeds like success
nothing to it
nothing to sneeze at
nothing to write home about
nothing ventured, nothing gained
nutty as a fruit cake
odd one
odds and ends
odds-on favorite
of course you can
of the lot
of two minds
off color
off key
off kilter
off my back
off the bat
off the beaten track
off the cuff
off the deep end
off the hook
off the kitchen
off the mark
off the record
off the shelf
off the top of my head
off the wall
off to a bad start
off to a good start
off to the races
off topic
off with
off with you
off your high horse
off your rocker
offer I couldn't refuse
oh my gosh
okay, OK
Old Boys' Club
old coot
old money
old wives' tale
on a full stomach
on a lark
on a pedestal
on a roll
on a silver platter
on all fours
on an empty stomach
on approval
on behalf of
on board
on his last legs
on his tail
on my back
on my best behavior
on my case
on my deathbed
on my way
on my word
on our last legs
on parade
on parole
on pins and needles
on probation
on purpose
on queer street
on tap
on the back burner
on the ball
on the beat
on the bubble
on the clock
on the edge of your seat
on the fritz
on the go
on the ground floor
on the heels
on the lam
on the limp
on the loose
on the mark
on the market
on the mend
on the outs
on the road
on the spot
on the spur of the moment
on the stand
on the throne
on the tip of my tongue
on the up and up
on the verge
on top of
on track
on trial
on vacation
on your deathbed
on your guard
on your own
on your way
one and the same
one at a time
one born every minute
one by one
one false move
one fell swoop
one man's garbage is another man's art
one man's meat is another man's poison
one of the boys
one on one
one-track mind
onto something
onto us
open and shut
open mind
open season
open some doors
open to criticism
open to question
open up
other fish to fry
ounce of prevention
out and out
out cold
out in left field
out in the cold
out loud
out of
out of bounds
out of breath
out of circulation
out of commission
out of context
out of control
out of hand
out of harm's way
out of here (outa here)
out of his element
out of hock
out of it
out of joint
out of kilter
out of line
out of my depth
out of nowhere
out of order
out of our hands
out of patience
out of place
out of pocket
out of range
out of sight
out of sight, out of mind
out of sorts
out of step
out of the ball park
out of the blue
out of the corner of my eye
out of the goodness of my heart
out of the loop
out of the norm
out of the picture
out of the question
out of the way
out of tune
out of whack
out of wind
out of work
out of your gourd
out of your mind
out of your tree
out on a limb
out on the town
out to get you
out to lunch
out to win
outdo yourself
over and done with
over and out
over easy
over the edge
over the hill
over the hump
over the rainbow
over the top
over with
overdo it
own up
own worst enemy
paper trail
part company
part with
pass around
pass away
pass up
past is slipping by without a trace
pat answer
pat on the back
patch things up
paths will cross
pay a compliment
pay a visit
pay my respects
pay the penalty
pay the price
pay the shot
pay up
pay your dues
pay your way
peace of mind
peep this
peer sneer
pen those words/lines
penny pincher
penny wise, dollar dumb
penny wise, pound foolish
people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
peter out
phase me
phase me out
photo op
pick of the litter
pick up the pace
pick up the pieces
pick up the tab
pick you up
picture is worth a thousand words
pie in the sky
piece of my mind
piece of the action
pilot project
pimple pole
pin down/pin him down
pin money
pin your hopes on
pinch an inch
pine float
pipe down
pipe dream
pit stop
plain as day
plain as the nose on your face
plate is full
play a big part
play a bit-part
play a joke on
play a mean game
play a part
play a prank on
play a trick on
play along
play around
play catch-up
play hardball
play havoc with
play hooky
play into his hand
play it by ear
play it cool
play it for all it's worth
play it safe
play it up
play musical chairs
play my cards right
play on my heart strings
play out
play second fiddle
play the fool
play the ham
play the heavy
play the ponies
play the stock market
play to the crowd
pluck at the heart strings
plug away
plug into
plug the product
plug the team
plumb loco
plump full
point a finger at
point is well taken
point of no return
point of view
point out
point-blank range
pointed questions
poke fun at
poker face
polish off/polish it off
political football
politically correct
poor as a church mouse
poor house
pop in
pop over
pop the question
pop up
pop your buttons
pot calling the kettle black
pound of flesh
pound salt
pound the pavement
pour it on
pour out your soul
powder my nose
power play
power to burn
power trip
power user
powers that be
practice what you preach
praise him to the skies
preach to the choir/preach to the converted
prepare like crazy
presence of mind
press charges
press into service
press on
press the panic button
pretty as a picture
price you have to pay
pride goeth before a fall
prima donna
Prince Charming
promise the moon
proof of the pudding is in the eating
psych out
psyched/psyched up
public property
pull a face
pull for
pull in your horns
pull it off
pull punches
pull that
pull the goalie
pull the rug out
pull the wool over your eyes
pull through
pull together
pull yourself together
pumped/pumped up
push the boat out
push the envelope
push the right buttons
push your luck
pushing fifty
pushing up daisies
pussyfoot around
put an end to
put away
put down
put in a good word for
put in a hard day
put in a plug for
put in time
put it
put it on the bill
put me on
put my finger on it
put off
put on a pedestal
put on airs
put on the dog
put out feelers
put out of its misery
put stock in
put the finishing touches on
put the hammer down
put the heat on
put the kibosh on
put the right spin on it
put them up
put things in perspective
put to bed
put to shame
put to the test
put too fine a point on
put up with
put you at ease
put you away
put you in a bad mood
put you off your game
put you through the mill
put your best foot forward
put your foot in it
put your foot in your mouth
put your heart into it
put your mind to it
put yourself out
put yourself through college
putting me on
putting on the ritz
quake in his boots
question of
quick and dirty
rack my brain
rack up
rain on their parade
raise money
raise the bar
raise your hand against
raise your spirits
rake in the dough
rake you over the coals
raking it in
ram down your throat
rant and rave
rap your knuckles
rat fink
rat on
rat race
rattle on
rattle sabres
raw deal
reach for the sky
reach me
reach out
read along
read it over
read my lips
read them and weep
read up on
read you
real McCoy
realize your potential
really deaf
ream out
reap what you sow
rear end
red carpet
red herring
red tape
regular guy
reject out of hand
relate to that
rented lips
repay in kind
rest assured
rest his soul (God rest his soul)
rest my case
rest on your laurels
rhyme or reason
ride herd
ride his coattails
ride the wave
riding high
right as rain
right away
right before my eyes
right off the bat
right on
right on the money
right, left and center
rile up
ring a bell
ring leader
ring me
ring off the hook
rip-snorting mad
rise and shine
rise to the occasion
risky business
road apple
Roaring Twenties
rob Peter to pay Paul
rob the cradle
rocks socks
rocky road
roll around
roll off the tongue
roll out the red carpet
roll over and play dead
roll their eyes
roll with the punches
rolling in it
rolling in the aisles
rolling stone
root for
root of the problem
rope into
rough and ready
rough going
rough up
round the clock
round up
royal treatment
rub elbows
rub salt in the wound
rub shoulders with
rub the wrong way
ruffle your feathers
rule out
rumor has it
run a red light
run a tab
run a tub
run across
run amuck
run an errand
run down
run for office
run for the hills
run for your money
run interference
run into
run it by me again
run its course
run of the mill
run off
run off at the mouth
run out
run out of patience
run out of town
run rampant
run roughshod
run short
run the gamut
run the gauntlet
run the risk
run the show
run through
run up
run you out
run you ragged
running water
runt of the litter
rush hour
rust out
sabre rattling
sack of hammers
sack out
sacred cow
sacred moose
saddled with
salt away
salt of the earth
same here
same to you
Saskatchewan pheasant
save face
save for a rainy day
save your bacon
save your skin/neck
say jump...how high
say my piece
say the word
say what
say what's on your mind
say your piece
scandal is brewing
scarce as hen's teeth
scared spitless
scared stiff
scared to death
school of hard knocks
scoop them
score to settle
scrape by
scrape me off the ceiling
scrape the bottom of the barrel
scratch the surface
scratch your head
search me
second fiddle
second guess
second nature
second wind
see eye to eye
see fit
see hide nor hair
see it coming
see it through
see me for dust
see red
see the light
see the light of day
see through
see to it/see to that
see you stuck
see you through
see you/see your
see your way
seeing things
seek revenge
seen better days
seen dead in
seize the opportunity
self-made man
sell like hotcakes
sell out
sell the farm
sell yourself short
seller's market
selling point
send a bouquet
send him flying
send him up
sentence to death
serious coin
serve notice
serve the purpose
serve them right
set a spell
set about
set fire
set foot
set for life
set in
set in her ways
set of wheels
set out
set out for
set out to
set the table
set the world on fire
settle in
settle it
seven come eleven
shades of
shadow of his former self
shady deal
shake a habit
shake a leg
shake a stick at
shake hands
shake him
shake on it
shaky ground
shape up
shape up or ship out
sharpen up
shed a tear
shell out
shoes like boats
shoot from the hip
shoot it out
shoot the breeze
shoot your mouth off
shoot your wad
shoot yourself in the foot
shooting fish in a barrel
short with me
shoulder to shoulder
shove down my throat
show promise
show up
show you the ropes
show you up
show your stuff
shrink/head shrink
shrug it off
shuck on down to the fraidy hole
shuffle the chairs on the deck
sick to death
sick to my stomach
sicker than a dog
sight for sore eyes
sign in
sign off
sign out
sign up
silence is golden
simmer down
sing his praises
sing up a storm
single file
single out
sinking feeling
sit in judgement on
sit the fence
sit tight
sit with you
sitting duck
size up
skeleton in the closet
skins game
skip classes
skip out
slash and burn
sleep in
sleep like a log
sleepy head
slim chance
slip a notch
slip out
slip up
slippery slope
slo mo
slow down
sluff off
slug away
smack dab in the middle
smack of
small potatoes
small talk
smarten up
smoke and mirrors
smoking gun
smooth out
smooth sailing
smooth talker
snap at
snatch victory from the jaws of defeat
snotty-nosed kid
so and so
so far, so good
so help me
so long
so much as
so quiet you can hear a pin drop
so small you could barely swing a cat
so small you had to back out to change your mind
so to speak
so what
sob story
sock it to me
soft in the head
soft market
soft pedal
soft sell
soft touch
soften up
soften your stance
software piracy
sold on
soldier on
some chick
something borrowed, something blue
something is haywire
something smells
something snapped
song and dance
Sophie's choice
soul mate
sound asleep
sound bite
sound off
sounding board
sour grapes
sour puss
spade work
spare me
speak highly of
speak up
speak volumes
speak your mind
speed up
spell disaster
spell out
spell you off
spend holidays
spend time
spending money
spice up
spike the ball
spill the beans
spill your guts
spin a yarn
spin crew
spin doctor
spin your wheels
spirit away
split a gut
split hairs
split the difference
spoiled brat
spot of tea
spot on
spread like wildfire
spread out
spread the word
spring for
spur on
square meal
square off
square up
squeaky clean
squirrel away
stack up
stand away
stand behind
stand by me
stand corrected
stand for
stand in
stand it
stand on ceremony
stand out
stand to lose
stand up
stand up and be counted
stand up for
stand up to
stark raving mad
start a fire under him
start from scratch
start out
start over
start up
start with a bang
state of mind
state of the art
state secret
stay abreast
stay alive
stay awake
stay in line
stay put
stay up
steal the show
steal your heart
steal your thunder
steam up
steer clear
step aside
step down
step on it
step on people
step on their toes
step out of line
step up to the plate
stick in my craw
stick it out
stick my neck out
stick out like a sore thumb
stick them up
stick up for
stiff upper lip
still wet behind the ears
stink the joint out
stitch in time saves nine
stitch of clothes
stock in trade
stone dead
stone's throw
stop you in your tracks
straight away
straight cash
straight from the horse's mouth
straight from the shoulder
straight man
straight talk
straight up
straighten you out
straw horse
street smarts
street wise
stretch the dollar
stretch the envelope
stretch the truth
stretching it
strictly business
strike a bargain
strike it rich
strike me
strike out
strike out on your own
strike up a conversation
strike up the band
strike while the iron is hot
strike your fancy
string a line
string along
stroke of genius
stuck on
stumbling block
stump me
such a card
suck it up
sucked in
sucker you
suffer a setback
suits you
Sunday best
sunset years
super mint
sure bet
sure thing
surf the Net
swallow that
sweat bullets
sweat it out
sweep under the carpet
sweetie pie
swelled head
take a back seat
take a boo
take a bow
take a break
take a dive
take a drive/trip
take a flight
take a gander
take a guess
take a load off your feet
take a look
take a picture
take a poke at
take a round out of
take a shine to
take a shot
take a snap shot
take a stand
take a strip off
take action
take advantage of
take calls
take care
take care of
take care of business
take chances
take charge
take cover
take effect
take exception to
take five
take for granted
take him out
take it back
take it easy
take it easy on
take it for a spin
take it in stride
take it like a man
take it or leave it
take it out on
take it personally
take it the wrong way
take its course
take leave of your senses
take me seriously
take my hat off to
take oath
take off
take offense
take on
take on a new light
take out
take over
take pains
take part in
take place
take possession
take revenge
take risks
take sides
take solace
take that
take the blame
take the flack
take the heat
take the pulse
take the rap
take the stage
take the stand
take the trouble
take time to smell the roses
take umbrage
take up
take up cudgels
take up the slack
take you for all you've got
take you in
take you to court
take you to task
take you to the cleaners
take your lumps
take your pick
take your pulse
take your seat
take your sweet time
take your time
take your turn
take your word for it
taken for a ride
taken in
talk a mile a minute
talk about
talk away
talk back
talk it up
talk shop
talk through your hat
talk your head off
tall tale
tangle with
teach you the tricks of the trade
team player
teed off
tell him off
tell him where to get off
tell me another one
tell on
tempest in a teapot
tempt fate
test the water
test your metal
thanks a million
that a boy/that a girl
that takes the cake
that'll be the day
that'll be the frosty Friday
that's a corker
that's a Duesey
that's all she wrote
that's cool
that's his bible
that's life
that's stretching it
that's that
that's the spirit
that's the ticket
that's the way the ball bounces
that's the way the cookie crumbles
the acid test
the age of majority
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
the balance of power
the be-all, end-all
the bee's knees
the benefit of the doubt
the best of both worlds
the best things in life are free
the best-laid plans of mice and men go oft astray
the breaking point
the brush-off
the butt of the joke
the call of duty
the can
the crunch
the customer is always right
the day of the family farm
the devil makes work for idle hands
the devil you say
the dickens you say
the downside
the dying seconds
the early bird gets the worm
the end justifies the means
the eye of a needle
the fickle finger of fate
the fifth column
The Group of Five/The Regina Five
the hard way
the john
the key to success
the knock against
the last of it
the living end
the loo
the Lord helps those who help themselves
the man in the middle
the Man in the Moon
the more the merrier
the most
the nitty-gritty
the odd one
the old college try
the old man
the one that got away
the past is slipping by without a trace
the Peter Principle
the picture of health
the pill
the pits
the rest is gravy
the rest is history
the right stuff
the short end of the stick
the sin bin
the sky isn't blue
the spice of life
the spitting image
the squeaky wheel gets the grease
the straight dope
the straight goods
the strong, silent type
the sweet spot
the tail wagging the dog
the take
the talk of the town
the tender age of
the tide turned
the tricks of the trade
the turn of the century
the turning point
the underground
the upper hand
the way I see it
the way to a man's heart is through his stomach
the way you hold your mouth
the whole ball of wax
the whole nine yards
the whole works
the wolf is at the door
then and there
there are two sides to every story
there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so
there you go
there's a catch to it
there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip
there's more than one way to skin a cat
there's no tomorrow
there's no two ways about it
there's not much to choose between them
there's something fishy
there's something rotten in the state of Denmark
these parts
thick as a brick
think better of it
think nothing of it
think through
through the mill
through the wringer
through thick and thin
throw a curve
throw a monkey wrench into the works
throw a party
throw a tantrum
throw away
throw caution to the wind
throw chunks
throw cold water on
throw down your arms
throw good money after bad
throw in the towel
throw insults
throw me for a loop
throw on a dog for you
throw out
throw some light on
throw that in
throw the baby out with the bath water
throw you to the dogs
throw your weight around
throw yourself at him
thrown in
tick over
ticked off
tide me over
tie in
tie up
tied to your mother's apron strings
tight fisted
tight race
tight spot
tighten our belts
till the cows come home
time and again
time flies when you're having fun
time is money
time is of the essence
time off
time on your hands
time out
time ran out
time stands still
time to kill
time's a wasting
time's up
times were hard
tin ear
tip of the iceberg
tip the scales
tip the scales at
tip your hand
tired of
tired out
tit for tat
to a fault
to a man
to be perfectly honest
to go
to perfection
to the best of my knowledge
to the max
to the nth degree
toe the line
token gesture
tone down
toney neighborhood
tongue in cheek
too deep for me
too little too late
too many chiefs and not enough Indians
too many cooks spoil the broth
tool around
toot your own horn
top notch
top of the morning
top secret
top that
toss it around
total stranger
totally awesome
touch and go
touch base
touch it with a ten-foot pole
touch off
touch on
touch up
touch wood
touch you
touched in the head
tough act to follow
tough bananas
tough call
tough customer
tough row to hoe
tough sledding
tough time of it
tough times
toughen up
tower of strength
toy with
track record
trade insults
trade secret
traffic jam
trash the place
trial and error
trial balloon
trial run
trickle-down economics
tried and true
trifle with me
true blue
true colors
try it
try it on
try it out
try that
try that on for size
try your darndest
try your hand at
try your luck
tube head
tube him
tuckered out
tune in
tune me out
tune up
tuned in
tunnel vision
turf it
turn a blind eye
turn a profit
turn about is fair play
turn down
turn in
turn on a dime
turn on you
turn out
turn out
turn over a new leaf
turn the corner
turn the other cheek
turn the other way
turn the tables on
turn ugly
turn up
turn up your nose at
turn you around
turn your back on
turn your crank
turn your stomach
turn yourself in
twig to that
twist of fate
two abreast
two bits
two cents' worth
two for one
under a spell
under arrest
under my belt
under my breath
under pressure
under the table
under the weather
under the wire
under way
under your thumb
unsung hero
up against
up against it
up and coming
up and running
up for grabs
up for it
up for sale
up front
up in arms
up on
up the ante
up the creek
up the wahoozey
up to
up to date
up to it
up to my ears
up to scratch
up to snuff
up to something
up to speed
up to you
up with
up your alley
up your sleeve
uphill battle
upon my word
upon the words offhandedly spoken
upper crust
upset the apple cart
use up
used to
user friendly
vale of tears (valley of tears)
variety is the spice of life
vegetate (veg out)
visit a spell
vote of thanks
wait a minute
wait a sec
wait around
wait for the other shoe to drop
wait on customers
wait on you hand and foot
wake up
walk a straight line
walk down
walk of life
walk through
wall flower
want a piece of me
want it so bad I can taste it
want to make something of it
warm up
warmed over
warped sense of humor
wash down
wash it down
wash it off
wash out
wash your hands of it
washed up
wasn't born yesterday
waste no time
waste not, want not
watch out for
watch over
watch your every move
watch your language
watch your P's and Q's
watch your step
water down
water under the bridge
water-cooler talk
watering hole
watershed mark
wax eloquent
wax poetic
way cool
way out (away out)
way out of line (away out of line)
way to go
wear down
wear off
wear out
wear out your welcome
wear the pants
weather the storm
weed out
weigh in at
well heeled
well off
well taken
well to do
went under
wet the bed
wet your whistle
whale of a game
what a brain
what a dish
what a rigmarole
what a rush
what came over me
what did I do to deserve this
what gives
what goes around comes around
what if
what in tarnation
what in the name of heaven
what in the world
what it boils down to
what the dickens
what the hay
what the heck
what the Sam Hill
what was I thinking of
what you don't know won't hurt you
what's cooking
what's eating you
what's going down
what's going on
what's good for the goose is good for the gander
what's in it for me
what's new
what's the big idea
what's the poop
what's your beef
what's your poison
wheels fall off
when in Rome, do as the Romans do
when it comes to
when it rains it pours
when push comes to shove
when the chips are down
when the crunch comes
when the dust settles
when the going gets tough
where it's at
where the rubber hits the road
where there's a will, there's a way
where's the loo
whet your appetite
whip you
whip you into shape
white elephant
white knuckles
white lie
who cares
who do you think you are
whole hog
whole shebang
whole shooting match
whup you
why in the name of...
why in the world
wide awake
wild about
wild and woolly
wild goose chase
win big
win the hearts
wind up
window of opportunity
window on the world
wing it
winner take all
winning isn't everything; it's the only thing
winning streak
wipe that smile off your face
wipe you
wired for sound
wise to us
wishful thinking
with all my heart
with bated breath
with bells on
with his tail between his legs
with it
with wings
within earshot
without a doubt
without a full deck
without a hitch
without a stitch of clothes on
without a word of a lie
without batting an eye
without question
without turning a hair
wolf down
won't tell a soul
woof your cookies
word for word
word is good
word of mouth
work cut out for
work ethic
work it out
work my buns off
work my fingers to the bone
work of art
work off
work out
work the room
work things out
work to rule
work up a sweat
work up a thirst
work your buns off
worked up
world beater
world is your oyster
worldly wise
worn out
worn out
worried sick
worse for wear
worship the ground she walks on
worth their weight in gold
wouldn't be caught dead
wouldn't miss it for the world
wound up
wrap around his finger
wrap it up
wrap up
wrap your mind around
wreak havoc
write it off
write up
writer's block
X Generation
yonder over there
you and the horse you rode in on
you bet your boots
you betcha
you can run but you can't hide
you can't sell anybody if you don't love everybody
you got it
you had to be there
you reap whatsoever you sow
your number is up
your own worst enemy
your turn
you're kidding
you're not kidding/ you aren't kidding
you're on
you're only as good as your last shift
yours truly