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What is an Idiom? See a story that uses idioms a number of idioms on this site are defined and used in sentences

Idioms are word combinations that are idiotic! Crazy! Nuts! etc.

In other words, idioms have meanings that can't be figured out by looking up the words in the dictionary.  They have meanings that are understood by people who speak that language, but are very hard to understand for people who don't speak that language.  The Idioms in this website are English idioms with a definite Canadian slant.  

To see how confusing idioms can  be read this:

In England potato chips are called "Crisps

In Canada they are called "Chips"

but..... in England "Chips" mean French Fried Potatoes, but in Canada we call them "Fries"

but Small Fry  in Canada means a Kid ( which is a small child) but if you look up  "Kid" in the dictionary, you find out it actually means a baby Goat, but to "To Get Someone's Goat" in Canada means to "Bug" them (bother them).  

These are examples of idioms.  They can be very confusing to people who are just learning the language!  If you want to know the meanings of any of the idioms on this website, you will have to leave the website and go to Wayne Magnuson's list of idioms.  This website  will tell you what the idioms mean and how to use them in sentences.  

To view the idioms that we drew, select from the alphabet below. Remember... we drew what the idioms said not what they actually mean when you use them in the English language.

See a story that uses idioms

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