Holiday Season

The holiday season was approaching and Justin and Emma were hoping that their parents would take them out of school early, and go to the Big Apple for the Holiday Season. It seemed like it had been a month of Sundays since the family had gone on a vacation. Whenever they asked their parents about going on a vacation their parents would always say that they weren't money bags. This year their parents had promised to sharpen their pencils and see if they could find a way to come up with the cold hard cash because they didn't believe in going on vacations using credit cards. This year their parents said that maybe if they wished upon their lucky stars they might get the vacation that they were always wanting and could never have. They liked to say to Justin and Emma that they should take heart that although they didn't often go on family vacations, they had a good roof over their head and loving parents. They would also say that if Justin and Emma money burning a hole in their pockets, they were more than welcome to contribute it to the family to make it possible to go on vacation. Justin and Emma were not too impressed with this idea, because wasn't it supposed to be the parent's job to provide for their children. Didn't that include vacations? They tried to convince their parents that they would have a ball in the Big Apple. All they wanted to do was blow this popsicle stand. Christmas at home was nice, but a vacation would allow them to see that it's a whole other world out there. Wasn't travel an education in itself ? They were very disappointed when school was out for the winter break and there was no news of a vacation. When their mom picked them up at school they were very sad and not looking forward to the same old Holiday Season celebrations. Their mother told them that they were both the apple of my eye and that they were going out for dinner and that she might have some news for them, after they had a bite to eat. When they got to the restaurant (McDonald's) which were a dime a dozen in their town, they decided that they would each have a Big Mac, a large milkshake, a large side of fries and two apple pies with a muffin. When the food arrived they looked at it and realized that perhaps their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. They were asking where their father was, when he walked into the restaurant. "Speak of the devil," said their mom. Their dad said, "Cheerio". They both though that was weird because who says cheerio? Their dad was a Canuck not a Brit (from England). He told them that he had been giving them a rough time about not having enough money for a vacation. He wanted them to know that money was the root of all evil , because he didn't want his children to think that money doesn't grew on trees. He thought it was important for his children to appreciate that you couldn't always have everything that you want. He told them that this time, he had been pulling their chains. They were going to get their wish to go somewhere great for a winter break. It had been necessary for him to keep a secret until the news was final. He was on on cloud nine with the good news. Justin and Emma were getting impatient to find out what this news was because nine times out of ten, what their dad thought was good news was just ordinary news. One time he came home and said that he was on cloud nine because he had a new car. The car turned out to be 10 years old, but he explained it was new to him! In no time they were growing bored with the conversation. Finally he told them that he had been a night owl for the last six months and had been working very hard on a project for work. They both knew that their dad had been very busy lately, but they also knew first hand, that their dad working hard wasn't unusual. He had always come home late after work. A few years ago, they thought that maybe he was a bar star. He had never been a barrel of laughs because he worked hard and didn't have much time for his family. Recently they noticed that their dad looked like bean pole because he had been working so hard. Their hopes were at rock bottom by this time.Their dad said that the family were already as American as apple pie and that they weren't going to the Big Apple for the Holiday Season since it's a zoo in New York at the best of times. December was even worse, so he decided that they wouldn't be going there this year, before you can say Jack Robinson their dad said that this was a very good day, they were going to go to DisneyWorld in Florida. Justin and Emma were thrilled. They had always wanted to go to Orlando. Justin was looking forward to all the eye candy on the beaches and couldn't wait to hit town. In a flash they were both excited. Their dad said, "one for the money two for the show three to get ready and four to go", we're on the next flight, out of this SNOW.

List of Idioms in this Story
a month of Sundays American as apple pie apple of my eye money bags money is the root of all evil bar star barrel of laughs bean pole before you can say Jack Robinson Big Apple bite to eat blow this popsicle stand burn a hole in your pocket night owl nine times out of ten on cloud nine one for the money two for the show three to get ready and four to go Canuck cheerio cold hard cash pull your chain rock bottom rough time school's out dime a dozen sharpen your pencils speak of the devil take heart eye candy eyes are bigger than your stomach first hand good day wish upon your lucky stars have a ball hit town in a flash in no time it's a whole other world out there it's a zoo keep a secret money doesn't grow on trees