In the Middle of a Test

In the middle of a test Alex asked his teacher Ms. W. if he could go to the washroom. She said to Alex, "I think you are just trying to buy time!" Lisett was about to say something to Ms. W. but Alex looked at her and whispered, "Clam up." Carlos and Alexis shouted out, "Ms. W. I think Alex is about to throw up!" Alex was mad at this and told them to zip their lips, but Sofia said, "Why should they zip their lips, they are trying to help you out. Alexis and Carlos said, "Ms. W. we think he is falling in love with that new girl in the next classroom, and he just wants to get another look at her."

By this time Diana had to give her opinion. She said, "Ms. W. , Alex is just going bananas, because he thinks this test is too much work." Miguel piped up and said, "Yaaa Alex is just a couch potato he doesn't want to finish the test." Cierra wanted to speak, but instead of just calling out, she put up her hand. Ms. W. said, "Yes Cierra." Cierra said, "Ms. W. this isn't nice, everyone is saying things that are making Alex upset and all these put downs are leaving a bad taste in my mouth." Thank you for putting your hand up and for supporting Alex that was very nice of you," said Ms. W. Theresa said, "Ms. W., Cierra is just fishing for a compliment." Paola shouted out (without putting her hand up), "Why do you want to go to the washroom Alex, speak up, cat got your tongue?"

By this time, Ms. W. just wanted everyone to get back to the test and said, "Yes Alex, you can go to the washroom."

Idioms in the story:

buy time Clam up throw up zip their lips falling in love going bananas couch potato bad taste in my mouth fishing for a compliment cat got your tongue ?